The Real Meaning of Egregore

The word "Egregore" derives from the Greek word egrégoroi, meaning "watchers," which also transliterates as "Grigori." The word appears in the Septuagint translation of the Book of Lamentations, as well as the Book of Jubilees and the Book of Enoch. Even being derived from the word Grigori, which acquired a somewhat negative aspectation over the time, the general concept of Egregore is not evil. Gaetan Delaforge, in Gnosis Magazine in 1987, defines an Egregore as a kind of group mind which is created when people consciously come together for a common purpose.

When a group of people pray and meditate collectively towards an objective, an Egregore of protection and blessing is sent forth, as a circle of Light that shields and safeguards the purpose of the prayers.

Psychologically speaking, an Egregore is that "atmosphere” or "personality" that develops among groups independent of any of its members. It is the feeling or impression you get when walking into a neighborhood that “feels different” from the surrounding area, or when visiting a club or association that has been around for a long time.

In an occult or magical context, an Egregore is a general imprint that encircles a group entity. It is the summary of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies generated by two or more people vibrating together towards the same goal; being a sub-product of our personal and collective creative process as co-creators of our reality.

An Egregore has developed to the point of attaining an independent existence as an entity itself or as an intentionally created entity, such as a servitor, that has grown in power well beyond its original design. To a non-religious practitioner of magic, an Egregore, and a god, or goddess, would be interchangeable terms. To a religious practitioner, an Egregore would be just below the level of a god or goddess.


The vast majority of human beings both incarnated and disincarnated are, in one way or form, connected to an Egregore.

An Egregore (or astral Group mind) can be either negative or positive, depending on the level of vibration and the frequency. Most of the connections with negative Egregore come from negative contracts made with physical or astral entities in exchange for power, fame or material goods. Also, some of these contracts or pacts can come from emotional persecutions, which at some point was born of the intent to keep the victim under its dominion to the extent of various earthly and parallel lifetimes. Some of these connections can also be activated through vices, addictions, and unruled sexual activities. When a soul gets committed to these types of obscure energies, there is always the tendency to lose vital energy which can result in the compromise of the monadic essence.

In general, the dominion of the negative Egregore is reaffirmed through artificial implants, which are limiting devices, which can be of a variety of forms, objectives and done with diverse possibilities allowed by the molding of astral matter. They are and functions more or less as thought forms, as holographic projections that may or may not solidify inside of the etheric bodies.

These devices are dangerous for the various levels of consciousness of incarnated and disincarnated beings because they are the means from which negative entities from negative Egregore feed on their vital energies. Progressively, these losses of energy can cause disturbances in the physical, psychological, emotional, mental and spiritual areas. It is sometimes hard to identify these implants because, in many cases, they did not originate in the current lifetime, but in previous ones which can be spontaneously activated if some subjective memory cells are activated during this incarnational period.

The Egregore is maintained through the mental and psychic energies of its creators and, as an autonomous entity, it is formed through the persistence and intensities of the current emotional and mental waves. Weak emotions and feelings tend to create undefined Egregore, with short life spans. The opposite is also true: big circles are created by strong will, emotions, and determination of purpose. There is a good Egregore that are positive and that bring blessings, good energies and protection against negative vibrations.

An Egregore can be personal or collective. The Egregore of the Umbra[1] is comprised of souls that were negativated by the bodies of desires; they are adepts of vices, drugs, and all sorts of unnatural sets of behaviors that are not characteristic of the spiritually enhanced human being. They are the ones that vibrate and maintain the negative collective Egregore. A person psychically balanced and with positive thoughts creates a very positive, prosperous and luminous personal Egregore. The same can be said of the opposite behavior. The only way that one can be rid of a negative Egregore is to affiliate with a stronger positive one.

[1] The umbra, Latin for "shadow", is the darkest part of the shadow, where the light source is completely blocked by the occluding body. An observer in the umbra experiences a total eclipse.




The concept about Thoughtforms and Egregores

The human consciousness is both receiver and generator of the energy-informational signal. When we’re thinking about something, our consciousness builds the energy-informational structures. The frequency of these structures (the involved chakra) depends from the solving task. If man recalls something and comits to emotions, then his Anahata chakra works. If man thinks about any everyday themes, then his thoughtforms are constructed on Vishuddha chakra. If man considers any abstract themes - for example, is occupied with theoretical mathematics or reflects about the world’s structure – then such thoughtform is already constructed on Adjna Chakra. And if the person is getting ready by his consciousness for any processes of a planetary scale, on which the variety of people is adjusted - then Sahasrara chakra is involved.

If a few people think the same thoughts, then thoughtforms produced by their consciousnesses will be overlapped and will begin to strengthen each other. Moreover, these thoughtforms will start “to capture” nearby people with the similar parameters of consciousness (types of personality).

We observe this effect in the stadiums. Usually people with the similar perception of the world are going there as they are with the similar parameters of consciousness. All fans are divided into two camps and feel similar emotions during the match. There is a powerful united thoughtform created as a result, which starts to operate each separate consciousness. And sometimes it’s enough to start to behave like a hooligan for several especially zealous fans – and all crowd rushes to break and destroy all that will get under a hand. At the same time, the separately taken person would never do that alone.

Here we have an example when the collective consciousness (the united thoughtform) suppresses the individual consciousness of man and starts to operate this person.

The mental body of man involves 3 chakras - Vishuddha, Adjna and Sahasrara. Every chakra operates its own type of consciousness. Vishuddha operates a logic left-hemisphere consciousness called “I”. Adjna operates a heuristic right-hemisphere consciousness “not-I”. Sahasrara operates a consciousness “super-I” which is based on the mental body instead of the brain’s hemispheres. The consciousness “super-I” exists in intervals between the incarnations of personality, when physical body with the brain is absent.

Depending from the development of human consciousness and from the solving problem (frequency of the involved energy-informational layer), one or another chakra is working. Usual social problems (all that the person thinks daily about) are solved on the frequency of Vishuddha chakra, and this frequency is called human mental. More abstract problems (not connected with the daily life) are solved on the frequency of Adjna chakra, which is called superhuman mental. And the reference to the supreme forces, the tuning on the planetary consciousness occurs on the frequency of Sahasrara chakra, which is called the Divine mental.

The energy-informational formations on the frequency of Sahasrara chakra are called Egregors. Egregor can be created only by the group of persons co-tuned with each other on some “idea” which involves Sahasrara chakra. The co-tuning of people on the idea from the human mental, on the Vishuddha chakra, will create not the Egregor but a collective thoughtform.

In difference from the thoughtform, being the energy-informational structure (the fixed quantity of energy encapsulated to a shell) and created by human consciousness, egregor is the independent energy-informational being which has own consciousness and eats (obtains the energy) independently.

Egregor is the energy-informational organism of the higher order than individual consciousness, called an organism of the 3rd level. It’s the energy-informational organism formed by a set of human consciousnesses co-tuned on one idea (the identical parameters of consciousness). The appearance of Egregor is connected with the formation of own terminology (language), for example egregor of medicine, egregor of physics, egregor of some religion...

For the formation of egregor the co-tuning of human consciousnesses on such parameters as Canon, Goal, Ideology is necessary with a huge amount of energy put into initial idea (the thoughtform).

In the minimal volume, the formation of egregor of pair (man and woman) is possible, which is used in Tantra. If pair is harmonious, co-tuned on the parameters of consciousness and has the high position of the Assemblage Point, providing the necessary amount of energy on the top chakras (Vishuddha, Adjna, Sahasrara), then during the intimacy (an energy co-tuning), sexual energy is accelerated through the united energy structure of pair and the egregor of pair is forming.

Egregors are that is called collective consciousness by the modern science. Collective consciousness exists not only in man. For example, migratory birds also have it. They create a flight and are going to flight only when the certain quantity of individuals is presented. It’s enough to remove some individuals from the flight and birds will not depart anywhere. Knowledge of flight are not stored in consciousness of any separate individual, but are stored in the egregor of the given form, the connection to which occurs only when the certain quantity of birds (about 15) gather in the flight... There are egregors of all kinds of animals and plants, which are living on the Earth. Exactly in the egregor of a form the information how the animal of the given form should look and behave is stored. On the analogy of the world of computers and programming languages, egregor of a form is a “class” while the individual of the given form is an “object” of the given class.

When it is spoken in the Bible about the creation of animals and people, the definition of “classes” - egregors of a form, not some individuals is meant. The egregor of a human kind is called “Adam Kadmon”, that in translation from Hebrew means “a Primordial Man”. It’s that energy-informational matrix, on which the cocoon of the person with all his energy bodies is built...

Evolution of a form (of plants and animals) is the accumulation of information in the egregor of the form, collected from all individuals. The things are more complicated concerning human. Man as a form has the egregor too (Adam Kadmon), on which the human body and consciousness are created at the very first birth.

In the egregor of a form of man the very primitive, base consciousness (the inborn reflexes) exists, which is directed to the survival support and reproduction. The person of the first caste, who incarnates on the Earth for the first time, receives exactly this consciousness. The egregor of a human form does not accumulate the information collected from people, because this information is collected in the incarnating soul of each separate person. Thereby the evolution of man differs from the evolution of animals. Each individual animal does not reincarnate and so is always born for the first time (as though in its first “caste”) and receives consciousness from the egregor of a form. Thus all evolutionary changes in separate animal individuals are displayed in the egregor of a form. Between the separate animal individuals of one form there is practically no difference in behavior. In the process of accumulation of information in the egregor of a form, the behavior of all individuals will change. Probably, the behavior of foxes or wolves today differs a bit from their ancestors, lived a hundred thousand years ago.

Human personality (soul) passes the certain way of evolution on the Earth, defined with the existing nowadays “Egregor’s layer”, i.e. set of egregors of various levels in the energy-informational field of the Earth. Further we shall talk about an origin of these egregors.

Egregor is an element of planetary consciousness and a source of operating signal for the consciousness of man. Man never tracks and never knows how and whence the operating signal comes to him, defining his ideas, feelings, outlook and behavior. Why and whence desires and ideas appear suddenly.

The behavior of man is none other than the execution of the operating signal from egregor. Various algorithms of behavior are caused by various egregors to which the human consciousness can be connected. Each egregor possesses its own specific energy-informational characteristics and “hooks” only those human consciousnesses, which possess corresponding qualities.

For example, any scientific or political society has its egregor. And the participation in such society (the inclusion in the given egregor) will involve only people with the certain properties, corresponding to the requirements of the given society. Exactly by virtue of various properties accumulated by the human personality for many incarnations, people participate in one or other actions or join to one or other movements.

Similar occurs both with state and religious egregors. They bear in themselves the certain properties of human consciousness, and only the persons possessing given qualities will interact with such egregors.

Using the analogue of the television receiver and a signal, it’s possible to tell that when the receiver is tuned on any channel, we see a precise picture on the screen. Similarly, if human consciousness is precisely tuned on any egregor, the person has a strong clearly defined motivation to any actions. Usually, the consciousness of man is tuned on a few various egregors and therefore the motivation of such person sometimes is weakly defined and changeable.

The conversion of people carrying the secular way of life to religious egregors is explained by that fact, that these persons were not strongly involved in social egregor and had no precise vital program and motivation. In contact with the religious egregor with its rituals and strongly involved members of the religion, such people are joining to the religious egregor and are found the strong vital motivation, which seems for them as panacea from all troubles and cares.

Egregor is the accumulator and the storage of experience (information) of all consciousnesses affiliate into it.

Man is a “cell” of the planetary organism (consciousness of the planet). Man never and under no circumstances cannot cease to be the cell. If to disconnect the person from the consciousness of the planet (from the egregor’s layer) - he will die as the cell of our organism will die if to disconnect it from organism.

It seems to man that he operates his own life by himself and that he is free to do all that he wants. But if to look more carefully it turns out that all people want one and the same for some reason depending on the level of consciousness (caste). The first caste would like to eat nourishely and to have the active fun. The second caste would like to earn more money, to equip the estate, to eat tasty and to go on some shows. The third caste would like to receive an authority, honor, to arrange a royal feast and gladiatorial fights. The fourth caste would like to reach up to new information, still unknown to anybody...

And in spite of the variety of human desires and possibilities, all of them are reduced to a several base, defined by the level of development of consciousness. And all seeming variety is expressed in insignificant details. For one “Merchant” it’s enough to own the country estate, and for another the indispensable necessity is to own the medieval castle. But, thus it does not change an essence of the desire (to get a material values), and characterizes only the specific acquirements of the concrete personality in all previous lives. If this person lived earlier in the medieval castle and it was strongly pleasant to him, the desire to have a castle “was imprinted” in the structures of soul and is appearing as soon as it’s possible to realize it.

 It’s simply enough to observe people around to be convinced that their behavior in everything is very precisely divided depending from the level of consciousness. It only confirms that fact, that man is not absolutely independent in definition of his behavior, but is controlled by the common planetary mechanisms for all people. And egregors are the elements of this mechanism.

Egregors are sometimes called Channels (of a communication). It’s possible to hear in esoteric circles something near “…connected to one or other channel”. It means that the consciousness of man was co-tuned with the channel (has entered into interaction with egregor) and further the energy-informational interaction “man – egregor” should occur, about which we shall talk later.

Any Egregor is the energy-informational organism, possessing its own consciousness - as well as any energy-informational structure in the Universe. Therefore we can speak about the “body” of egregor - the energy-information organism itself, created by the consciousnesses of people, and about consciousness of egregor which is formed in it as in any energy-informational structure. Thus, the level of consciousness of egregor depends on the complexity of its structure, from the quantity of people forming it. Any consciousness in the Universe is a function of complexity of the multivariate structure of its carrier.

The level of consciousness of man directly depends on the complexity of his personality, from that life experience, which the given person has got in all his incarnations. It’s necessary for man to lead the active eventful life filled with real events for development of consciousness.

Speaking about egregors as about the independent energy-informational objects cooperating with the human consciousness, we have three parameters, defining the egregor:

    Energy-informational parameters of a “body” of the egregor, which depend exclusively on complexity (the level) of consciousnesses of people  forming the given egregor.
    The density of energy in the “body” of egregor, which depends on the distribution of people who form it over the territory of the planet.
    The level of consciousness of egregor, which depends only on the quantity of people forming it regardless of their levels of consciousnesses.

 Let us consider these concepts separately.

For analogy let us take a human body - it consists of organs. The complexity of a separate human body depends on the complexity of organs - the components of this body. For example, brain is more complex than a stomach. And cells of a brain are more complex than the cells which are forming leather...

Similar occurs also on the next hierarchical level. Consciousnesses that are more complex will generate more complex egregors. And as well the cell of a brain will not get accustomed in a heel; as well people with a various level of consciousness can be connected only to egregors corresponding to their level.

The density of energy in the Egregor depends on the following parameters:

    The quantity of people forming it.
    The territory that is covered by it - i.e. territory of residing of these people.


The greater territory is covered by the egregor with less quantity of people forming it, the less level of density of energy in the egregor.


The level of consciousness of egregor needs an explanation.

The consciousness is a property of any energy-informational object. And the complexity of consciousness depends on the complexity of an object. For example, man consists of cells, each of which possesses own consciousness. Thus, the consciousness of man is not any derivative from the consciousness of cell. The consciousness of man (personal consciousnesses “I”) is consciousness of absolutely other level, than consciousness of a separate cell and depends only on quantity of neurons (cells of a brain), participating in the construction of nervous chains and those configurations, which can be built by these neurons...

For the simplified model we shall consider the electronic scheme or microprocessor, which is used today for processing of the information. Its complexity and facilities depend directly on the quantity of electronic elements (transistors) forming it. Processor with a 1 million elements will be considerably weaker than processor constructed on a 1 billion of the same elements. Thus, the facilities of processor do not depend on complexity of a base element (transistor) but only from the quantity of these elements. It is that is called the transformation of quantity of one level of life in a quality at the other level of life...

Similarly the consciousness of egregor does not depend on consciousness of a man, but is the consciousness of the next level (the third level after the human’s and consciousness of a cell) and depends only from the quantity of units of the human consciousness forming the given egregor.

The consciousness of egregor differs from the consciousness of man as well as facilities of a transistor differ from facilities of a microprocessor. These are fundamentally different levels of consciousnesses. The consciousness of egregor operates with the more parameters of a multivariate energy-information signal, than consciousness of the most developed person.

As if consciousness as the energy-informational structure does not disappear anywhere after the death of a body, this consciousness continues to participate in construction and maintenance of egregors in which it has been included during the life.

Therefore, ancient egregors possess a huge force because they involve a huge quantity of consciousnesses (of people ever lived and people who are living nowadays) which are forming it and were formed during all history of existence of the given egregor.

The interaction between man and egregor occurs on the following principles:

In order that man could be connected to the Egregor, the level of consciousness of the man (his parameters) should correspond to parameters of Egregor. In that case, the capturing of man by egregor occurs. The energy-information in this joint will overflow from the above level of its density to the below level according to the known physical laws. It means that during the contact “man – egregor” there can be an influence of egregor on man and vice versa.

If the density of energy-information in egregor is above than in human consciousness, the egregor will affect man, and the information from egregor will be rewritten in the consciousness of man, reconstructing his structure and defining his behavior.

Sect is the example of such influence. It is as a rule a small group of people who are living compactly on the small territory (one village). The density of energy in such sect will be above the density of energy of the individual inhabitant of village. Energy will overflow from egregor of sect in the consciousness of man. But the level of consciousness of the egregor of such sect will be rather low because of a small number of followers. Therefore the human consciousness captured by the given sect (certainly in a presence of the resonance of consciousness of man with the ideas of sect), will suppress with the consciousness of egregor and will consequently become simpler, and all that we are named “making zombie” will occur there.

Similar occurs with the great religions too. Great religions are usually starting as a sect. If religion is ancient and there were many followers of it for all centuries of its existence, the level of consciousness of religious egregors sometimes is above than the level of consciousness of the ordinary parishioner. Moreover, the density of energy in egregor also is high enough in the places of residing of the followers of the given religion.

Thus, the influence of the religious consciousness on the parishioner occurs too. And if religious ideas are progressive for a personal development for the people of the first and the second caste, then for the people of the third caste religious ideas sometimes become the brakes in the development of the personality.

If the quantity of followers of any idea is reduced or idea is distributed on a too much territories with a small density of the followers, then the direction of energy exchange changes and now egregor starts to take away energy from the followers. But in spite of all this, the consciousness of man starts to influence on the consciousness of egregor.

For example, it is possible to examine the egregor of communism. When it have tried to spread on the whole world, than in view of its weak popularity, the density of energy in egregor has decreased, and the influence of consciousnesses of people on the consciousness of egregor, the revision of idea has begun. Therefore, an idea of communism has become obsolete and communistic movement has broken up. Thus, the egregor of communism continues to exist (to a large extent at the expense of the additional charging by died generations) and still influences on the followers as a small sect.

The same egregor’s ideas capture one people, and do not capture others at all. It depends on the parameters (the acquired properties) of consciousness of the concrete person and their conformity to the ideas underlying the given egregor. For example, three basic (great) religions capture people from the first and up to the fourth caste. While mystical Christianity (Masonic lodges and secret orders) already involves the smaller spectrum of consciousnesses (only people of the third and the fourth caste). And some ancient Tibetan religions have followers only from the people of the fourth caste.

As people are included in egregors with various levels of both energy and consciousness, people with the higher level of energy “feed” the egregor and people with the lower level of energy “are fed” from egregor. When an aged man goes to a religious temple – then he receives energy (as a rule). Young and healthy usually gives energy...

Similar occurs with the consciousness too. People with the more developed consciousness (the fourth caste, as a rule) operate an egregor (priesthood in religion), and people with the lower consciousness are cope with the egregor (parishioners in religion).

The political parties and movements are usually created by people with the developed consciousness and with an idea, which is supported by masses. Only after that they capture people with the less developed consciousness, but who are supporting the idea as the followers. Therefore it turns out, that people with the more developed consciousnesses operate masses through the egregor.

It is known that proletarian  parties (the level of Workers) were not created by the proletarians, but were created by the intelligence (the level of Warriors and Magicians). But there were proletarians captured the created egregors as the basic motive force.

All esoteric knowledge exists inside of ancient high-frequency egregors - egregors of ancient civilizations. Ancient civilizations were lost already tens and hundred thousand years ago, but their egregors exist and will exist in the energy-informational field of the planet.

For the full and exact reception of esoteric knowledge, it is necessary to learn to connect to these egregors independently, for what it is necessary to learn to lift the Assemblage Point on the level of Anahata Chakra and above.

All this explains why esoteric knowledge is secret and inaccessible to all. It becomes accessible only to those who are in a condition to join in ancient egregors – the keepers of knowledge. In the process of development of our civilization, there is a gradual development of consciousness of people and the more and more people are in a condition to join in esoteric egregors and to adapt the information received from them for a modern level of development of consciousness. Therefore, some knowledge, which was secret in the past, gradually becomes accessible to a plenty of people, and by means of these people, is transferred to social egregors. For example, today not everyone understands the principles of work of alternative medicine, but a plenty of people accept it and admit its efficiency.

Any esoteric action, any esoteric practice relies on egregor. If any one man has invented a new practice, all power of this practice will be concluded in the personal energy potential (personal force) of the given person. If a group of people is using this practice, the egregor of group is created, which starts to support and to strengthen the given practice.

And if this esoteric practice already exists for thousand years and is supported by the most powerful ancient egregors, then the effect from its using will be completely other. Exactly for this reason, the searching for ancient artifacts and ancient magic treatises with the description of old working practices occurs constantly in the world.

The studying and using of ancient esoteric knowledge and practices will always render more influence than any innovation...