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Electricity Grid Hacking and The Lilly Wave



The Lilly wave is attributed to Dr. John C. Lilly, M.D. Dr. Lilly was a cutting edge researcher in the fields of neuroscience & biophysics , his research led towards the study of electrical patterns in the mammal brain & how they could be influenced by various wavelengths . His prime interest was intra species communication , his research with chimpanzees & dolphins (apparently funded by NASA , USNavy & USAF ) led to the discovery of the Lilly wave . At the time Dr. Lilly was working for the National Institutes for Health (NIH) .



It is also thought that Lilly was asked to brief the N.S.A & the C.I.A on his work , it is said that he declined the offers and became increasingly aware of state interference in his work . Lilly also became aware of the ethical implications of his work and at this point he left the N.I.H.


Much of the information to found on Dr. Lilly centres on his use of psychoactive substances & his more metaphysical approach to certain scientific problems . As usual other references also states that Lilly had an interest in ‘cosmic entities’ . It would seem that like many scientists of the same era Lilly’s work was constantly monitored & then fed to other deep state research projects . Was the fruits of Lilly’s research eventually used against him ? Probably .






The Lilly Wave and psychotronic warfare


3 November 2015

Lilly Wave

The Lilly Wave was found by John C Lilly and is, in most cases, completely misunderstood as to its usage to affect the thoughts and behaviour of humans.[1]

It is described as a bi-phasic electric pulse which stimulates the neurons of the brain to resonate at a certain frequency, thus the Lilly wave has the ability to control the brainwave patterns of the brain.

There is however a far more advanced form and a largely unknown and suppressed purpose in the use of the Lilly Wave.

The water molecules within the brain can be made to resonate at a desired frequency, this causes the electrons that comprise the brains electrical voltages to also resonate at that same frequency.

It is not a requirement, as is understood by the majority of science, to implant electrodes to cause the brains water molecules to be entrained to a certain frequency, it can also be accomplished by any waveform that can penetrate the skull and then cause the entrainment of the brains water molecules.

For example, radio waves emitted at a frequency of 40hz, targeted at a persons brain, will entrain the water molecules to a degree of 40hz and thus the rest of the brains electrons will also resonate at that frequency.

In this manner it is possible to stimulate and control the brains wave patterns remotely, with electromagnetism and also acoustic waves. However, it is imperative to understand that if the wave is not bi-phasic it will result in damage to the brains neurons and cause what is termed, brain damage.

It is not the case that only the brains water molecules can be entrained, it is also true of the blood sugar. Iron within the cellular structure composing the neurons of the brain and various other elements, can also be entrained to resonate at a desired frequency. (Possibly the reason for the attack on tobacco, nicotine is a super blood sugar regulator)

If a molecule is targeted by a wave that resonates at the same frequency as that molecule, that molecule will explode, sugar is a crystal and crystals when stressed, broken or deformed, release an electric and electromagnetic charge, this is known as triboluminescence.

The effect of an exploding sugar crystal is quite damaging to the mind and brain, it creates extreme confusion, dizziness, and also a state best described as lack of awareness, or apathy.

The Lilly Wave frequency is a secret military application, it is known as the “madness” frequency.

The Los Angeles Riots are said to have been the first open test of its capacity to mass control anger and violent response from the mob.

Furthermore, there are other profound effects of entraining the brain and bloods iron molecules, one of which is to cause the iron to condense together via resonant attraction, and clump within the brain. This has the effect of causing the iron to be magnetised and rush to the top of your head, resulting in a rush of blood to the head and extreme confusion and dizziness, it can also be reversed which causes a draining of blood from the head, leading to all out unconsciousness.

In short, the Lilly Wave is best described as a targeted resonance of the brains molecules.
Use of the Lilly Wave can pretty much instal any brainwave pattern into the mind of any targeted human, such as the negative aspects already mentioned and also to create happiness, or the ability to control ones physical movements. An attack direct to the water molecules is by far the best method to achieve the desired aims.

It is possible to track the Lilly Wave through a spectrum analyser that you link up to a signal source, and if you know what wave forms to look for, in a TV signal for example, you can see all kinds of interesting things–like the Lilly wave.

As already stated the Lilly Wave was found by Dr. John Lily when he was working for NIH, (the National Institutes for Health), in 1959 when they first started implanting dolphin brains and discovered that they needed to give the dolphin brain a chance to respond.

Then they discovered that they could use these same waves on human beings. He was doing work for the Navy at that time, and he got out of that research because he felt so conflicted about what they were doing.

The Lilly Wave frequency will mostly be in the extremely low and sometimes in the ultra low frequency range, but they are complicated as they need to interact with certain brain molecules which have a resonant frequency of their own.
It is strange that the ELF and ULF ranges are classified or 10 MHz controlled frequencies.

Artificial Thought and Communication
This is the third step in the Blue Beam Project that goes along with the telepathic and electronically augmented two-way communication where ELF, VLF and LF waves will reach each person from within his or her own mind, from the Smart grid technology, convincing each of them that their own god is speaking to them from the very depths of their own soul. Such rays from satellites are fed from the memories of computers that have stored massive data about every human on earth, and their languages. The rays will then interlace with their natural thinking to form what we call diffuse artificial thought.

That kind of technology goes into the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s research where the human brain has been compared to a computer. Information is fed in, processed, integrated and then a response is formulated and acted upon. Mind controllers manipulate information the same way a computer for grammar manipulates information. In January 1991, the University of Arizona hosted a conference entitled, ‘The NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Current and Emergent Phenomena and Biomolecular Systems.’ 


[1] HAARP, GWEN, WI-FI, Cell Phone towers all can carry the Lilly Wave.
The Lilly Wave called a balanced bidirectional pulse pair found by John Cunningham Lilly is a carrier waveform that bypasses the mind’s subconscious defence systems. It has been monitored via oscilloscopes connected to homes A/C ground and neutral of power lines. It can be used to transmit mind control via ultrasonic (1 10 MHz) and electromagnetic wavelengths (600m to 1e-15m).

Electromagnetic wavelengths transmit long/short/FM wavelength radio waves, and TV/telephone/wireless signals or energies. They are also responsible for transmitting energy in the form of microwaves, infrared radiation (IR), visible light (VIS), ultraviolet light (UV), X-rays, and gamma rays. (1996) The Lilly wave can be neutralised via pink or white noise generators connecting to the non-voltage A/C ground and neutral of the homes power grid.

The goal was to find an electric current waveform with which animals could be stimulated through implanted electrodes for several hours per day for several months without causing irreversible changes in threshold by the passage of current through the tissue.

Many waveforms, including 60-cps. sine-wave current could apparently be used safely for these limited schedules of stimulation. They could not be used for the intensive, long-term schedule of chronic stimulation. Electric current passed through the brain can cause at least two distinct types of injury: thermal and electrolytic.

The technical problem in chronic brain stimulation is to stay above the excitatory threshold and below the injury threshold in the neuronal system under consideration. This result can be achieved most easily by the proper choice of waveforms and their time courses; and less easily by the choice of the range of repetition frequencies and train durations.

The previous wave forms used in neurophysiology and in neurosurgery injured the neurons when unidirectional current passed through the brain. Dr. Lilly developed a new electrical wave form to balance the current, first in one direction and then, after a brief interval, in the other. Thus ions moving in the neurons would first be pushed one way and then quickly the other way, stimulating the neurons and leaving the ions in their former positions within the neurons. This new wave form was called a balanced bidirectional pulse pair, or the Lilly Wave. Microscopic studies of brains stimulated with this balanced pulse pair showed that there was no injury of the neuronal networks from this kind Waveform of stimulating current :

pulse pairs of current resulting from quasi-differentiation, with passive electrical elements, of a rectangular pulse.

Measured at 2 percent of the peak, the duration of the positive pulse (upward) is 34 sec, and the duration of the negative pulse (downward) is 28 sec. stimulation.



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Some interesting tales about Lilly Waves and John Lilly


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Shields for Lilly Waves?


Scalar waves? Orgone Generators?


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The ultimate way to shield yourself is with a scalar wave resonance field,or if your feeling brave a tesla shield(scalar wave shield).
creating a scalar wave resonance field isnt to hard,you need two electrical currents of identical frequency,amplitude and voltage to meet head on,this will cause the currents to cancel each other out and form a scalar field.
you want the frequency of the current and field to be at schumann freq,7.83 hz,this is the natural freq of earth and is an anti mind control frequency.
a better way is to cause two EM waves of identical freq,wavelength,amplitude to meet head on and create a standing harmonic scalar resonance field,this will interfere with all forms of EM.

a tesla shield is more complicated,you need to emitt polarized sequences of standing scalar waves adjacent to each other,as the waves are of polarized sequence thier magnetic fields will allign causing the creation of a dome of electromagnetic energy that shields you from all forms of external EM and matter!.
advancedtesla domes which shield above and below creating a spehere of scalar energy also have the handy effect of reducing mass if they are of sufficeient strength as they shield you from the higgs field,or rather the vortex scalar nuetrino field which is responsible for a degree of mass in matter.
complete shielding from the vortex scalar nuetrino field also reduces the amount of energy required to move to a given location as you do not have to interact with the higgs field.
intense complete scalar shields also allow you to alter the flow of time by warping space time ,the more space time is warped the slower time flows ,thus a complete scalar shield spinning at the speed of light will cause a warping of space time sufficient to prolong your life b quitey a noticable amount!.
the energies required though are quite immense and a bit unsafe for the amateuer,not for tesla though....he swore he time travelled a few times...rather he altered the rate of time by warping space time!.

Some more simple methods of shielding are orgone generators,semi infinte conducting rods with impidence ends